How MACH benefits marketing teams


The MACH architecture is a set of best practices and guidelines that focus on the four key areas of microservices, API first, Cloud Native SaaS, and headless.



What is MACH?

MACH is a technology stack that can help your team build digital experiences. With MACH, you’ll have a framework for building products from the ground up using microservices architecture and API-first design.


The name MACH stands for:


  • Microservices—A way to break down big projects into smaller ones that can be worked on by different teams at once
  • API first—The idea of designing APIs before writing any code, allowing developers to test their work before committing it to production
  • Cloud Native SaaS—Teams shouldn’t worry about infrastructure when they’re working on new features or fixing bugs; instead, they should focus solely on writing code and delivering value faster
  • Headless—No front-end software should be used in production environments

How does MACH benefits marketing teams

MACH is a technology stack that allows developers to build applications that are scalable, secure, and performant.

Here’s how it works:


  • MACH is an API (application programming interface) that enables developers to connect their application to the cloud.
  • Once connected, MACH will automatically scale up or down depending on traffic needs of your application in the cloud. This can be done without any manual intervention from you or your development team.
  • In simple terms MACH will help marketing teams have better access to data which allows them to support the customer journey and experience. In return leading to more happy returning customers, therefore increased revenue.

How MACH benefits developer teams

The benefits of MACH to marketing teams are pretty clear. But how does it help development teams?


MACH lets developers focus on what they do best, which is building products. In the past, developers would spend a lot of time writing email templates and designing landing pages. Now, they can focus on solving business problems with new features and functionality that align with user needs and goals.


Developers who use MACH also get to be more creative in their work because there’s no need for them to follow strict branding guidelines or adhere to the specific voice and tone of your company’s brand voice guidebook. 


This means that if there’s a better way for users to accomplish something through an app — such as adding items from multiple shopping carts at once — then MACH enables developers to build that feature as quickly as possible without having to go through too many hoops or wait for approvals from other teams (or even management).



How MACH architecture bolsters Ecommerce digital experience

MACH is a technology that allows you to build, deploy and scale your ecommerce business. It’s a set of open source technologies that powers fast-growing online businesses and includes:


  • A microservices architecture (MSA)
  • A container platform – Docker Swarm
  • A container registry – Docker Hub (for private repositories) or (public repositories)

These tools allow you to build a digital experience that is fast and secure.



MACH is a powerful tool for digital marketers. By leveraging its powerful features and capabilities, you can create a seamless experience across all your platforms.

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