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The Personify Experience Platform (PXP)

Personalization is broken. Too many personalization platforms focus on what your customers have purchased in the past, building up a profile of a customer in order to personalise their experience. However this is slow as lots of data for each customer is needed, meaning that your anonymous and new customers miss out on a personalised experience.

Other personalization platforms focus on the ‘power of the crowd’, saying that ‘most people who bought this item also bought these other items’. However that fails to cope with the fact your customers are unique, and will again only work for a proportion of your customers.

Each time your customers visit your website they have a specific shopping goal in mind, a specific mission, which can be completely unrelated to what they had the last time they visited you. Personify Experience Platform focuses on consumer behavior during every visit, understanding what they are looking for and enabling you to provide relevant recommendations for products that your customers will love and purchase.

Personify XP provides an API-first service that delivers live, real-time recommendations across all of your service channels – your website, mobile application, in-store, call center or even through the latest technologies like chat bots – integrating seamlessly into your existing infrastructure ensuring you own the experience and can personalize now, not tomorrow.

Are You Retailer or B2B Company?

Customers are not finding what they need online - only 2.5% of shoppers visiting a retail website will make a purchase, in contrast to 20% of shoppers visiting a physical store. There’s clearly a problem here, shoppers are switching off before they find that perfect item to purchase. Look at Amazon - growing faster than the entire rest of the market combined, their revenue increases by 43% year on year. personalization now accounts for 35% of Amazon's total revenue. To compete, retailers need to get better at personalization and what is currently available just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Here at Personify XP, we provide mission driven personalization so your customers find products they will love and keep. Personify XP ensures retailers make the most of the time shoppers already spend on their website, personalising that experience and changing them from browsers to purchasers.

A customer’s mission can be anything from a customer shopping for a specific need, like a new dress for a party, all the way through to fitting a new kitchen or a gardening project. Shoppers with different missions will exhibit different behaviour online and recognising the difference and using this in personalization is where we can make the biggest impact. Missions can change each time a shopper visits a website. This can’t be identified by only looking at a customers past purchases, or the single item that they are viewing. Real time customer behaviour has to be used to understand what they are shopping for.

We focus on a customers behaviour from the moment they hit your site. We can see where your customers have come from, what they are searching for and how they are browsing right now. This means we can provide relevant recommendations for the products their customers are craving.

Our Solutions

Mission-Driven personalization & Merchandising across all experiences

Enhanced Mission-Driven Product & Merchandising

Simon wants to buy a new laptop and has clicked through to your website from a Google search for “Windows laptop”. Personify XP will use those search keywords to start to understand Simon’s shopping mission and realise that “Laptops” and “Laptop Peripherals” are likely missions before he’s even started browsing your website.

Personify XP uses these missions to display relevant product recommendations on the main site landing page and Simon clicks on one of them to view a Dell Laptop. This would increase the likelihood of the Laptops mission over the Laptop Peripherals mission in Personify XP.

We would then base our product recommendations on both the Laptop mission products + other laptops that previous customers have looked at alongside the Dell Laptop.

Simon chooses a laptop and adds it to his shopping cart. Personify XP has learnt that customers do not browse for laptops again after adding one to their cart and therefore stops showing recommendations for Laptops and instead switches to the next likely shopping mission (‘Laptop Peripherals’) and shows wireless mice and laptop covers from that mission and are closely related to the laptop in Simon’s shopping cart.


Amy receives an email regarding a summer sale on swimming suits and clicks through to look at a product listing for swimming outfits.

She then browses away and looks at formal dresses for a party. Personify XP feeds back to the retailer that Amy has been looking for a formal party dress.

Email is then triggered when Amy stops browsing and sends her a ‘Party Ideas’ email with suggested outfits.

Outfit Builder

Jake is shopping for a new business outfit and has just added a suit to his cart. Personify XP switches off suits and starts recommending shirts that will go with the suit just added to the cart.

He then adds a shirt to the cart, whereupon Personify XP asks “Do you want to see more shirts?”. Jake says no, at which point Personify XP will start recommending ties and accessories related to the items in Jake’s shopping cart. Further questions could also be asked such as “Do you want to look at shoes to go with your suit?”.

Phone Sales / Contact Center

Customer rings up to place an order or to discuss an order Call handler can bring up product recommendations relevant to the order being discussed or the current products in the basket.


Jen enters a store and starts looking at a new winter jacket. She is approached by a member of staff who asks her what she is looking for. Jen says that she is going on a skiing trip soon. The member of staff uses an ipad or iphone to recommend products for the ski holiday mission. This data could then be passed to a CRM system or a follow up email saying enjoy your holiday.

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There is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for B2B leaders to take significant market share quickly by acting on mission-driven personalization. The market is quintipuling over the next 4 years according to a recent Forrester Report, by 2020 B2B ecommerce sales will top a trillion dollars from $201 million dollars in 2016.

Your competitors are not moving quickly enough with only 29% of executives at your competitors currently investing in personalization according to a Sana report. 60% of the executives are limited by their offering as their personalization is only channel specific and not fully integrated into their existing legacy systems. MarketProfs reported that companies that use personalised marketing see a 19% boost in sales and 45% of their customers are more likely to shop if they offer personalised recommendations.

Seize the opportunity with us by going live in two weeks with Personify XP integrated into your back end systems to optimise all of your sales channels and more importantly grow your bottom line.

Personify XP provides an API-first service which can be seamlessly integrated into all of your sales channels delivering live, real-time product recommendations and insights.

Our Solutions

Our personalization increases your site engagement and conversions while empowering your teams to build a truly differentiated brand.

Guided Selling

understand needs, asking questions to the visitor and adapting product, content and pricing appropriately.

Optimised Search and Product-Discovery Capabilities

optimise search based on customer’s role, catalog entitlements, contracts and products in inventory.

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